November 08, 2007

Either Or

Google or Yahoo (I'm a Yahoo girl. Loud and proud.)

Lined or unlined journal (unlined, but my last 2 have been lined because I liked the covers so much I couldn't say no)

Beach or Ski (Beach, duh.)

Gloves or mittens (fingerless gloves, please.)

Pen or pencil (Pen with blue ink)

Pink or Purple (pink. don't like purple in any shade. Oh, wait I'm staring at my purple Nalgene. I'm a lier. I guess some shades are OK.)

TV or Movies (do I even need to answer that one?)

Soda or Tea (Yuk, soda. Tea? Yes, but only by the gallon. I loves it!)

High School or College ( you seriously couldn't pay me to re-do high school. And I mean millions wouldn't be enough to tempt me. College, on the other hand, I would re-do in a heartbeat. To quote author Stephanie Meyer, "don't ever let anyone tell you that high school is supposed to be fun. High school is to be endured. College is fun.")

Edward or Jacob (please, don't make me choose! Today, it would be Edward. Tomorrow, who knows....)

Star Wars or Star Trek (Um....Star Wars. But Next Generation puts up a good fight)

Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie (mix of both with a large gift card for each)

Cheese or Bread (actually, can I just have the cheese on the bread, and we'll call it even?)

Stars or Hearts (Stars, stars, stars. My obsession as of late. I'm wearing a shirt covered in them in multiple colors)

Flickr or TV (now that's just mean. Can we just put my Flickr on the TV?)

Tim Riggins or Matt Saracen (Oooo, now that's interesting. Again, I don't know if I can pick. I do love Tim, but Matt makes me turn into puddle of mush. Then again, Tim....)

London or Paris (Paris, but only because I fell in love with it a teensy bit more than London)

Jane Austen
or L.M. Montgomery (L.M. We would have been kindred spirits. Anne is a real person in my world. And for goodness sake, I went all the way to PEI just to "find" her.)

Anne Shirley or Harry Potter ( I love you dearly Harry, but Anne holds a special place in my heart.)

Dinner out or Dinner in (about 85% of the time it's dinner in. I eat out more now that I ever have in my life and that's still only 1-2 times per week, tops.)

Katie/Tom or Brad/Angelina (I despise celebrity gossip. I could care less.)

Edward Ferrars or Mr. Darcy (I'm definitely more like Elinor. Edward, it is. Hard choice though.)

Music or silence (this is actually a tough one for me. I've found that lately, I prefer no music. The silence lets me think more. Even in my car. But then again, I've been loving the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory soundtrack the last 3 days. And I just ordered this and this from Amazon.)

Nikon D50 or Kodak Z740 (D50 has all my love)

Bionic Woman or Battlestar Galactica (Hah, hah, hah, hah. Now that's funny. It should be more like Battlestar or anything else on TV. The answer will always be Battlestar. Even if I have to wait until freakin' April 2008....stupid Sci-Fi channel.)

Psalms or Proverbs (Psalms. Especially 139. Anytime day or night, but especially when I'm depressed.)

Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia (LOTR are the only ones I've read completely. Are you shocked? Tough choice.)

Paint or draw (If I could actually do either, I would pick draw. Always draw. Since I was little. Like this or this. I'm totally jealous.)

Blog friends or real friends (what's the difference? I love you all!)

These are all arguments that I've had in my head. Yes, sometimes out loud because I talk to myself more than I should. Anyone else do that? Anyone, anyone? Bueller?
Play along, if you dare. It's so fun!

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