November 19, 2007


I hate that it's this dark by the time I get home at 5:30pm everyday. If I want a picture with sunshine, I have to wait until the weekend.
I'm ready for spring already, and it's not even officially winter yet.


jessica said...

This is beautiful, did you take it?

stephanie said...

i tried to email you today but it came back as delivery failed....could you email me and then i can reply? i guess it's possible i put in the wrong address. i am having trouble with my email system so i didn't have access to an address book- i just tried to remember your address. anyway- i agree with you on the alaska coolness thing. i think it's cool cause the people are cool. they truly don't care what anyone else thinks and that is WONDERFULLY freeing. and then of course the amazing vistas everywhere you turn and the fact that 60% of the state is public land where you are free to roam whenever you choose. i miss that part just about every day...but i can honestly say i made the best of living there- especially the last 2 years. we hiked just about every chance we had :) i am planning a trip there in two summers. would you like to come with me? my friend christine (you met her) is gonna hike up pioneer peak with me. i would also like to hike to bomber glacier (i attempted it once this past year but didn't have enough daylight to find it). that would be SO FUN if you could go!