November 18, 2007


This article by Steven King made me laugh. Now, of course, I don't agree with all of it. Here's a good example of the "not agreeing" part:

"Friday Night Lights? Good, but not cool. Because it tries too hard to be cool. Battlestar Galactica? Was cool; last season started out cool, then warmed up. It may regain its coolness factor, but probably not; that rarely happens. Lost has stayed cool because it's so weird."

I'm sure you can all guess why I don't agree with two of those things, and Lost lost it's cool factor episode 1 of season 2. This, however, I do agree with:

"American Idol was never cool. It says sad things about the coolness quotient of our young people that any of them like this warmed-over Las Vegas meatloaf."

What would be on your "cool" list? And it doesn't have to be TV or entertainment related at all. Here's a couple of mine...
Joss Whedon (any other person who tried to make a space traveling/old west/the characters speak Chinese show would have been laughed at. not him. plus he created Buffy. ultimate cool.)
Elsie Flannigan (whatever she does, paint, photograph, just cool because it's her. if I did it? not cool.)
Alaska (the state. can't explain why, which makes it even more cool)
Bear McCreary (I'm sorry, but if you could write music like that, you, my friend, would be cool too.)
her and her (they are the definition of cool in my book.)

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