November 03, 2007


When I read this yesterday, I was saying "exactly! that's me too." Here's the reason she's my favorite TV critic. And the fact that she loves Buffy too.

.....and Friday Night Lights was A-mazing last night. It's, by far, the best show on TV right now. Darn those writers and their strike! It could be a very messy season.

.....and one more thing, I got to see the munchkin tonight. He's in town (well, his mom and dad are too, but I didn't get to see them. Sorry guys....) cause his uncle (not my brother) got married. He was enjoying some quality one on one time with grandma, grandpa and auntie. The kid got some serious attention and love tonight. But he is the cutes kid ever, so he totally deserves all of it.

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