November 21, 2007


I watched this movie last night. I LOVED it. How can you not love a movie called PAIS, JE T'AIME?!! There were so many shots of that gorgeous city. I kept making little "oh!" noises when I saw something I remembered, much to the annoyance of Leah. (We will go someday. I'm putting it in print...) I missed the city the instant I saw the Eiffel tower.
It's 18 short films smashed together. None of them intertwine (like Love Actually). Each one has different actors and directors. Almost all of the shorts are in French (English subtitles, of course). But I just loved it. The bro didn't really like it, so I guess it's one of those that you love or hate.

I liked Elijah Wood's story. (It's totally weird though. It's nothing like the other ones, but I love the colors and the creepiness/absurdnesses. And I'm still on my Twilight kick too. Vampires...)

I loved Natalie Portman's story.

And Steve Bruscemi's was hilarious.

***I still can't upload pictures. It's starting to drive me crazy!

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