November 20, 2007

the bad and the good

My computer is not playing nice today.

Computer not working means I'm behind in my proofing. Bad, bad.

I had to re-send my passport renewal.

I took all the wallpaper in my bathroom down yesterday only to find tons of mold. Now it has to be entirely re-drywalled.

I've watched too much Prison Break Season 2.

But I have also:

Slept in. (and entire week off!)

Watched Prison Break Season 2. (it's both a good thing and a bad thing. Wentworth Miller =, make that VERY good. 3 hours wasted = bad)

Got Harry Potter #7 on CD at the library. (Ready to put it on my Zune for the trip next month!)

Watched Oprah (2 days in a row. that's unusual. I usually can handle her only in small doses.)

Started reading Twilight again. (i miss Bella and Edward.)

Watched one of my favorite episodes of West Wing season 2.

That's a quick summary. Sorry there are no pictures. I had a fun one to share, but it will have to wait until my computer and Blogger start talking to each other again.

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