January 08, 2008

#540 plus free stuff

I'm working on a portfolio right now. Made a pact with a friend to give me motivation. I need deadlines. I need accountability or I don't finish things. For instance, in college, I wouldn't study for tests until the night before. I have a tough time with motivation. Just being honest.

While I've been getting my pictures together, I started to wonder what other people would consider a "good shot" out of the ones that I've taken. So, here's where you can play along. I know many of you are not into commenting. I know you choose to read and remain invisible. Well, I'm asking you to step out and help me a little bit.

Look at my pictures on Flickr. Pick one or three or whatever catches your eye. Leave a comment with the title of the picture, a description of the shot if there isn't a title, or the link to it.

On Friday, I will take all the comments and draw one name.
That person will get either a 5x7 or a 8x10 (your choice) of a picture (no frame) that they chose.
That's right, everyone. You can win something here on my little blog just for being nice and helping me fill my portfolio.
Remember, you have until 5pm on Friday to leave a comment on THIS post. I'll announce the winner on Saturday.
You can only vote once. Any repeat votes will be disregarded.

Got it? Have fun!

Post #540.


Katie's Story said...

Ok, I love all the pictures of Luke, but of course I'm biased! I like the beads in the jar one, trash the dress pics, b in the woods and the three generations one. I want a copy of that, by the way! I'll pay for it! Good Luck with the portfolio!

Gina said...

So fun! Very hard to choose.
#1 Evening Rays
#2 Hallowed Ground
#3 Door Knob one
#4 T in the water in her dress
Now, let me be clear, there are many many more that I absolutely love, but #1 and #2 have meaning to me. So if I win, I would love to have those. Probably wouldn't hang #4 in my living room but again.... so so so many I love. You have great talent!!!

Audrey said...

Random Order....
#3 New Friends - Just Plain Sweet
#5 On The Bay - I love the way the people are the shadow
#2 Friends - Could be in a Gap
#4 Chuck diptych - I just love Chuck
#1 Little Green Bird - I want this to hang in my girls bathroom! I love the color!

Tara said...

this was harder than i thought... so i have 4. hope that's okay.

Lookout Patrol- looks like a movie poster. i love the shilouettes

Hatchers Pass, AK- just a really cool perspective, and i love the color

Evening Sails- the bright blue and the shilouettes again

Pink Sunshine- i think your title is exactly what that picture looks like

Anonymous said...

Its hard to believe that you are just "starting". Beautiful, vibrant photographs! Love'm!
Love green bird and blue drift wood. I'm a color girl.