January 15, 2008

strange but true

My alarm clock woke me out of this crazy world this morning....

I was running towards Gandolf, pointy hat and all, who was trying to hide from me until he realized who I was. Then he stopped and gave me a big hug which was just wonderful except for his long beard and cloak which gently scratched my face.
Then he disappeared and an entire crowd of people appeared and began sitting along side of a road because a parade was coming down the street. But the "parade" ended up being the final musical number in High School musical. There were dancers jumping around and I was running home to change into some more comfortable dance wear when the cursed alarm went off and ruined my fun.

Do you ever try and figure out where you get your dreams from? Usually I can trace mine back to something that happened during the day. Not this one. Weird, weird, weird.

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