January 03, 2008

The EPCOT day

It really is cool up close.
Lunch in Germany. Great entertainment. We had the coolest waitress. She had just celebrated her 20th anniversary of working at Disney. She had come over from Germany when she was young to work there and learn English for year. She ended up loving it and came to stay. We talked to her for a long time.

Lukey played with his cool, edgy Uncle.

Then we walked through France.

All of us big Battlestar nerds (yes, my parents LOVE it too. They started us on a sci fi diet of Star Trek:TNG when we were just little tikes.) were ecstatic to see Adama read the Christmas story. Freakin' Adama! (sorry for the crappy picture, but at least I have it!) So awesome.

He was surrounded by a full choir and orchestra. Amazing.

Then waiting for Illuminations. Photoshoots ensue.

The Pops.

Then the bro stole my camera.

He always takes the best pictures of me.

And finally...the big show.

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