January 29, 2008

If you were a wink, I'd be a nod

Read this (found here, a new favorite blog) today and now I've been singing the song all day. I really need to just download this entire CD cause I'm constantly playing in through myspace music. (ps...if you haven't discovered myspace music, go immediately! Free songs abound.)
Made me want to see Juno again. When the opening credits shown forth on the giant screen, I just knew I was going to enjoy this movie. I'm ready to see it without a theater full of teenagers texting and talking and just being annoying! And I think Ellen Page totally deserves that Oscar. She was incredible!

Any one have any ideas for what I should write about? I've been hitting a road block the last few days coming up with something. I hate not posting though cause I enjoy writing so much. And John Grisham said this morning on the Today show (my morning coffee) that you aren't a writer unless you are writing at least one page a day. Yes, sir, Mr. Grisham. I will listen cause I enjoy your supermarket novels and have been since I was about 14.

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Gina said...

Write about me ;)