January 12, 2008

flannel shirts and overalls

Do you remember how amazing this was? It was my senior year of high school. This was THE show to watch. Everyone talked about it. And then ABC canceled it and made it a cult classic....

Angela Chase, Rayanne Graff, Ricki Vasquez. And then there was Jordan Catalano. *sigh* He was, of course, the best reason to love it. That hair. Those eyes. His long sleeved shirts under his oversized T's. I still kinda have a crush on him when I watch it now.

Remember how everything Angela said made perfect sense. She would "say" exactly what I was feeling. I remember reading that maybe that was the reason that the ratings were so low. It was too much like real life. No one watches TV to see what is real. They want to escape.

The last few days, I have been re-watching. (btw, if you have never seen the wonder that is My So-Called Life, you must buy/rent it. Must.) Today, I sat down to watch one episode and one kept turning into "just one more." It's still that good this many years later. I also remember the exact place I would sit in homeroom and talk about last night's episode with my friends. Watching it brings back SO many memories. The horror that was high school, and the horrible over sized clothes we would wear back then.

I close with this from Angela...
"Love is when you look into someone's eyes, and suddenly you go all the way inside, to their soul...and you both know, instantly. I always imagined I would fall in love nursing a blind soldier, who was wounded in battle. Or maybe while rescuing someone in the middle of a blizzard seconds before the avalanche hits. I thought, at least by the age of 15, I would have a love life. But I don't even have a "like" life."
(yeah that was totally me. and kinda true now as well....hmmm...)

p.s. this all started a because of this video that was pre-loaded onto my Zune when I got it. Yeah, I've watched it a "couple" times. Good gracious, he is still, you know...Jordan Catalano. And does anyone else ever refer to ultra cool/hot guys as a "Jordan Catalano?" Maybe it's just me.

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