January 25, 2008

Friday inspiration and finds

I got lost in here for a while. Old pictures fascinate me. This one has a great story. Doesn't this lady look elegant? Don't you just want to open one of those brown paper packages? Just look at her furs and the amazing depth of field in this one. These girls stopped by the deli to get a picnic lunch. The beachwear is delightful. Steal the bacon 1910 style. I wore these to play sports in school, but she (read her bio) had a much better reason. The hair bows and shoes (view larger). This story still gets me (1,2,3,4). I want the woman on the right's outfit. Dare you not to smile. The lady in the middle made me stop, but everything else just adds to it like the baby carriages, little girl and the baby clothes (view large). Another adorable cottage. The necklace and the puddle.

These are A-mazing. Guess my kidneys are safe. Their shootshop is sold out.

Even though scrapbooking isn't necessarily my thing, I will gladly plop down some cash for this baby. And how awesome is her hair in that last shot. Makes me seriously consider doing this to mine. I think about that picture every day when I look in the mirror. Opinions?

Who says you can't mix patterns. (scroll down to see photo)

Check out this guy's work. I'm in awe. How in the world?! This one is unreal.

I did a fun little project this week. Simple and easy. I have tons of notes and cards and memorabilia floating around my room. Mostly in random piles. I can't bear to part with them. I decided to turn them into a little book. They looks so neat and organized amidst all my journals.

Chuck was so good last night. I can't get over how sweet and hilarious it can be at the same time. I miss it already. I hate this stupid writer's strike. Just give them what they deserve already!

Project Runway is always inspiring. How in the world is Ricky still on? I'm voting for Christian (look where he's from!), Chris and Sweet P. So glad Victorya is gone, although I did love her Bitten dress and I did try it on and loved it.

I've never been into textures before, but her work is changing my mind.

This made me so excited for the Olympics. Gymnastics is my fave. Remember the Magnificent 7?!! That was a great moment in Olympic history.

I've said it before, but Pandora is simply addicting. My Joshua Radin station is perfection.

This little movie is even making hamburger phones cool. 759 freakin' percent!

Don't forget, the Lights are on tonight.

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shay said...

April! I SOOOO want you to do that to your hair! You would look so awesome and beautiful!