January 22, 2008

Captain Jim and Jem

This piece by Norman Rockwell (one of my forever favorite artists) hangs in our office at work. Underneath it has some quote about touching a child's life, but I never see that when I look at it. This picture reminds me of my all-time favorite book Anne's House of Dreams.
I can't honestly tell you how many times I have read this book. At least once a year for the last 12 years, but it's probably more than that. I miss it after a couple months and begin to think about it and finally just pull it off the shelf to re-read it yet again. I still cry, laugh and "awe" at the same parts. I still adore Captain Jim and Leslie and my beloved Anne. My heart still breaks when I read chapter 19 "Dusk and Dawn." I found the Island that L.M. described in this book when I went to PEI a couple years ago. It still lives and breathes in the same way it did when she walked it's red earth.
House of Dreams is the continuation of the Anne of Green Gables story. It's perfect and lovely and I think it's time to pull it off it's spot on my shelf and get lost in the story once again. I miss it so.

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Anonymous said...

An Anne of Green Gables book? I think I would rather read the dictionary.