January 09, 2008

inspiration links

I have been quite taken with this photography duo as of late. Their company, The Image is Found, is nothing but inspiring. I can't stop reading their blog (and their old one)and drooling over their images. I think I stared at this entry for about 30 minutes straight. So creative! Have to start saving my pennies now so I could afford them if I ever get married. (but then again, it mean I would have to say no to these geniuses. Oooo, tough decision.)

I got sucked into Martha's site today looking for craft ideas for camp. Bags out of scarves, bags out of pillow cases. Is there anything this company can't create?!

Hula 70's pictures and ideas.

JAC's pictures of Australia.

This picture. I loved it so much that the photographer who took it offered to sell me a print. It will look smashing on my wall.

I think I've finally discovered a description for my style after I read this post on one of my favorite decorating blogs Decor8.

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