April 24, 2008

bring on the monsters

As the end of April rounds the corner, I must say that it gets harder and harder to be patient to wait for these little "monsters" to arrive.

I love seeing how much they've grown and changed. I love hearing them laugh and play and just be a kid. I love hearing splashes in the pool and screams of "BELLY FLOP!!!" I love snack shop being open in the afternoon and seeing the kids lined up and the grass covered with beach towels with kids sitting on them with their friends and all their candy and yummies. I love the boats back in the water pulling a giant inflatable banana filled with kids. I love meals on our outdoor staff porch surrounded by friends.

Camp starts in a little over a month. This will be my 10th summer here. 10th! One day I need to sit down and write out the story of how I ended up here. It's a pretty crazy story. "God wanted me here" is the short version. Anyway, I still get so impatient this time of year waiting for camp to start. Summer can't come fast enough.


Anonymous said...

This makes me want to cry...


Anonymous said...

You are exactly where you need to be. Love ya!