April 06, 2008

Amen, for N...Y...C....

Took another trip today. This one was a little closer to home. The weather was perfect for walking about the city.

I stopped for a few moments to gaze into the fountain. Of course, I had to throw a penny in the pool and close my eyes real tight and amke my wish. The angel on top winked at me, so I'm sure that true love's kiss shall find me....

The sun began to set in my favorite part of the park. The streetlights were glowing. Don't you just want to sit down on a bench and enjoy the moment?

Oooo....my one and only Broadway musical. And let me tell you, it's worth every penny you pay for it. Go see it immediately if it comes any where near you. The story of OZ will never be the same to you again. And the music........ahh, the music.....it's perfection.

Central Park in the evening is just beautiful to me. Now, of course, this is before all the crazies and murders come out. Twilight is perfect. Midnight, not so much.

Well, hello, old friend! Remember that one afternoon we spent together? You wore your best suit and your favorite loafers. You invited your movie star friends over. Wanna do it again sometime?

And to finish out the day, I stumbled upon Ice T and the rest of the cast and crew shooting a scene for Law and Order: SVU. Too crazy. There was a poor girl covered in "blood" and adorned ripped clothes that had to lay on the cold stone for a long time as the scene was being worked on. This TV nerd (who actually hates L&O) loved every minute of it.

Ah, yes, another trip to the far corners of the world. Who knows where tomorrow will take me? China, Italy, Sweden, Iceland? Or maybe even Vancouver?

This week marks the countdown to my birthday. Gulp. Turning 31 doesn't doesn't have that same fun birthday excitement that 13 or 18 did. Even typing it makes me feel old. But I was, once again, this weekend mistaken for a college student. How wonderful considering I've been out of college for 9 years now. Double gulp. But age is just a number, right? RIGHT?!!?

ps....my trip to NYC was brought on because of this fun movie that I saw this weekend. I just LOVED Amy Adams. I couldn't stop watching her hands throughout the movie. The way she moved them was just like a Disney cartoon. And her skipping and singing. I've watched this scene at least 3 times already and have been humming the song constantly. I totally agree, sis.

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Anonymous said...

you never told me you saw the taping of L&O!!!!!! Oh, Ice T. Did you hear that sound? Blong, Blong.