April 30, 2008

mail call and randomness

I may have gotten a package in the mail today with some new stuff from Hambly. Darn that email from Two Peas. I just couldn't resist. I don't scrapbook, but I do use scrapbooking stuff to make cards and other stuff.

My favorite purchases were these two overlays. I've seen them used on things like this from Danielle. I actually bought (a while ago) three of the frames like she used, but in black when they were on clearance at Michael's.

And these rub-ons are so pretty. They are much bigger than I thought which is perfect for the ideas I have for them.

These make me want to create immediately! So many fun ideas are swirling in my brain.

In other news....

  • Ran today for the first time in a week, even though I REALLY didn't want to. I feel better now.
  • Been crocheting again and LOVING it.
  • Reading John Grisham's newest. I have to admit I love his books and read almost all of them. The Firm is my all time fave.
  • Need to buy Seabear's albums cause I listen to them on Myspace CONSTANTLY. lLove, love them.
  • The cover is off the camp pool after a long, cold winter. Summer is around the corner!!
  • Tomorrow begins the busiest 4 months of my life. Free time becomes a luxury.
  • Sigg bottle for my birthday: ordered and on it's way.
  • I couldn't even watch the previews to this movie when I was in the theater this weekend. I HATE scary movies. Even pulling it up online to find the link freaked me out! G...don't watch!
  • I love you, my readers. I really do. I hope you know that.


Gina said...

Thanks for the warning, I was contemplating.

Anonymous said...

yeah so i watched it and now i have tears in my eyes. make neal watch thzt:) i love you april!!!

Audrey said...

ok so i watched about 20 seconds...that was enough for me. just know it was inspired by a real event .... SPOOKY!