April 15, 2008

photography rant

No, this isn't a depressing post. I actually like old graveyards. They are full of magic and stories, don't you think?

I just like this picture cause my blacks are black and my whites are white. And let me tell you that is no easy task. I have no idea how I did this cause the shot is about a year old and who knows when I processed it. But aren't the blacks and whites just dreamy! I think it's the light. I just have to learn to read the light better. I want my B&W to be as yummy as this one by Tara Whitney.

But then again, I do love color. Color photos will always be my favorite. Oh, it's such a tough hobby. Too many options. Too many styles to love. Must. Practice. More. Must. Get. Better.

Rant over....


Anonymous said...

ahh, i have that same picture (yours is better of course)! wonder if the girl who bled to death on my hostel bed was buried in this graveyard. that was such a great trip..we have to do it again sometime. have a great day

cottage girl said...

I LOVED that graveyard in Scotland! I wish I could go back there to take more pictures.
This photo was actually taken in Ellicott City. A much more humble and lowly graveyard. The bro and I had to open a 300 lb. gate door to get to it.

We definitely need to do a trip like that again!