April 21, 2008

Stardate 0421008

Weekend in review. It was such a nice one, I feel that I should document it.

It all began with an Aaa-mazing episode of Battlestar(ps...I am still loving Hulu, big time. Plus, BSG was on the front page the day after it aired. Cool!) Each episode this season gets better and better. I am seriously going to miss these characters and this whole universe that the writers have created. Boo-hoo...

Then on Saturday, I woke up bright and cheery to a absolutely lovely day. Warm sunshine. Cool breeze. I just love springtime.
I headed out to spend the day with one of my bestest friends since I was in high school. Mel and I have known each other since we were in youth group at church together. In other words, a LONG time ago as we realized in our reminiscent talks. Summer camp, van trips, Christmas parties, ice cream after church. Oh, man we had fun. She's married now and has an adorable little boy. I'm so thankful they moved back to this area.
Anyway, we went shopping, ate lunch and then came back to the cottage to sit in the grass on the hill over looking the river where we talked for a couple hours. It was wonderful. So relaxing and comfortable. I adore her.

After she left, I watched some movies. My first Netflix movie had come and my roommate is doing Netflix right now too. Movies galore. We watched We Are Marshall (which I did like even though I would have never guessed it. 3 stars) and My Kid Could Paint That (loved, but so sad at the same time. 3 1/2 stars).

Sunday was church day.

I went to my church's early service at 9:00 because it was our worship pastor's last Sunday. Wow. So emotional. He and his family had been there for almost 11 years. I have to say that aside from Chris Tomlin in concert, I have never seen anyone who is gifted in the worship area like he is. Not just a good singer, not just a good leader, but a great speaker too. He was a big reason that this church was such a perfect fit for me. I really NEED worship in my church experience each Sunday. It's so important to my growth. I can't even tell you how many times that I could have left on a Sunday morning after just doing praise and worship because I knew that God had already spoken to me that day. God used this pastor over and over to help me see Him in new ways and feel His presence. I am just devastated that they are leaving, but excited for them too because I know that they are headed off to the next thing God has for them. I will so greatly miss the gifts he gave us at church. But, as our pastor said, where God guides, He also provides. I know He has someone else prepared for us. It's hard to say goodbye though.

Then I headed to a friend's church to watch their little one get dedicated. 2 services in one day means you are doubly blessed for the week, right?

After that service, it was back home for a BBQ celebration for the dedication. In between raindrops and thunderstorms, it was. The rest of the day was rainy and stormy, so I bought a crochet pattern online from a favorite blogger. Still working on perfecting it, but am enjoying completing this fun little project. And, of course, on a rainy day, a movie/TV is perfect for background noise while crafting. Last night's viewing choice was FNL season 2. pssss....I LOVE hulu.com again especially for its free TV episode goodness. Will someone please try FNL? I really want to convert one person before it is canceled forever.

Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking, so what's the big deal about a weekend like that? Well, it was full of friends and worship and fun stories. What more could I want? Sometimes is just so nice to be reminded of how God has provided for you over the years and you haven't even noticed it until you turn around and see a friend who has been there for 15+ years or a pastor who has helped guide you to the King's throne. I am so blessed. I am so humbled.
Thank you, Father!

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