April 01, 2008

More hardrive clean-up

The Cherry Blossoms last year. My parents happened upon the Cherry Blossom Festival this year and said it was a mad house. Thousands and thousand of people come to see these trees every year. I must say, they are stunning. Just look at the colors!

I have no idea where this picture was taken. It reminds me of the trees in my backyard growing up, but I know it's not them. It also reminds me of Hawaii and the big beautiful trees they have there, but it's not them either. Who knows....

The munchkin on the same kitchen floor that I used to crawl around on. When I was little it was dark red and black though. He's getting so big. Well, big-ger. He's actually a little peanut for his age. This was just 2 weeks ago when he was down for Easter.
And that's my grandma. This was her first time down to our house for a holiday without my grandfather. It was strange not to have him at the table.

I'm sure there are more treasures to be found. I need to dig up my Hawaii pictures and drool over them again. I wish I had my digital camera then, but, alas, they are all on 35mm film. Ah, the good old days.

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