April 04, 2008

Friday Finds

Another host on Today. Don't know that I'm jumping up and down excited for this one. Of course, I'll hardly ever see her anyway cause I only watch from 8-9am. Is anyone else's morning coffee the Today show?

Attention. Attention.....BATTLESTAR BEGINS TONIGHT.

"All the Words" popped up on my Pandora on Tuesday. I haven't heard it a while, but I remembered why I love it so. I first saw it on the one and only Scrubs.

My left kidney is up for sale once again. New Shoot Shop date. I would feel like a huge loser though with my little D50, kit lens and 50mm. But I can't even imagine how much I would learn. Sighhhhhhhhh.

MySpace Music. I listen to it constantly. It's drove me crazy that my new computer still had a glitch that won't let the music player work until my genius brother fixed it finally. This week's listens include: Seabear, ADELE (found on ZB's page), Cary Brothers, Joshua Radin (for his new stuff. must buy those) and She and Him.

Anthropologie's April catalog. Always inspiring. I LOVE the cover. If only I could afford their clothes.... Their home catalog is fun too.

You make fun of me, don't you? Just because I watch Battlestar Galactica, not only watch, but LOVE. Well, well, well.... look who else loves Battlestar. Did you also notice the ads all over Yahoo and Hotmail for the premier tonight? BSG was EVERYWHERE this week! Example: one, two, three (I didn't read this one because of the spoilers).

Tara's cozy office is adorable, isn't it?!

A fantastic artist on Esty.

I know I mentioned it last week, but it's so good it's worth more gushing. The new Pioneer Woman is so amazing. Addictive, I tell you. Just look at this cute picture. And this post on Wednesday was a perfect example of how wonderful it is.

Love these SP's on Flickr.

NBC announced its fall programming early this year. Good new for me! I almost exclusively watch NBC, so I'm ecstatic to see Friday Night Lights, ER and Chuck back on the schedule. Also, good news that Scrubs will almost definitely be back, but one ABC for another season. Yippeee!

I would like one of these for Paris, London and Tokyo. Urban always has such fun jewelry.

I LOVE this commercial with Michael Bay. It's just awesome. I have to stop whatever I'm doing when it comes on. Hilarious. Although, I don't think FIOS is necessarily awesome...

Have a great weekend everyone. Do something fun and creative and memorable even if it's just reading a new book or watching a new movie or taking a picture that challenges you. Enjoy the moment!

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