April 03, 2008

Today I took a little trip

Hollywood was lookin' great. Grauman's was in all its glory. Bright colors and crowds surrounding it.

Across the street, the Roosevelt was beckoning me to step inside and soak in the old Hollywood glamor.

Clark Gable's feet were directing me inside to sit down and enjoy a movie.

And Jimmy Stewart...oh, I had to stop and step on his square. He IS old Hollywood to perfection to me. So tall and handsome. Wonder what it was like to see him dip his hands in the concrete that day?

The dance master himself. I still get mesmerized by his steps every time I pop in one of his movies. HolidayInn and Funny Face, my two favorites. Hi, Fred. What was it like here in 1938? Did it still have that early Hollywood magic?

After my visit with the stars, I drove around to see some of the stars homes. I was hoping to catch sight of Vincent Chase and the guys, but, alas, they were laying low today. The Osbourne's weren't home either.

The gang at Sacred Heart must have been inside saving lives.

And the office guys at Dunder Mifflin must have been in their conference room. I really wanted wanted to see Jim and Pam, too. Oh well....

Before I got discouraged, I zipped over to Central Perk and grabbed a cupcake and a cup of Earl Grey. The couch was so warm and cozy that I snuggled up and fell asleep.....

The end.

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