April 13, 2008

the day of my birth

So happy to share my day with each of you who read my ramblings.
And it's Master's weekend!
Off to watch some golf....


Anonymous said...

happy day friend!
i can't wait to catch up and leave 30 in the dust!!!! maybe 31 will have less tears....
Booby's Mom... :)

Katie's Story said...

YEAH!!! Happy Birthday! I hope it's a great one! I only wish we were there to celebrate with you. Remember, NO TEARS! HA!

Gina said...

Happy BirthBay dear April.
I realized this week how very much I treasure my single friends. I know this distinction is the very thing that may make you sad at times but know that you hold a very dear place in my life.
I love how God works in your life in ways that He does not and "cannot" in mine.
I love all your interests, talents, obsessions and passions and the freedom you have in them.
I love to hear of your dreams and plans for the future.
Your life, the very place He has you, the things He is teaching you are all precious gifts from the One who loves you and knows you greater than any other.
Enjoy the very green grass on your side my friend, for EVERY stage of life brings patches of brown.
I cherish you!

Anonymous said...

happy bday!

Anonymous said...

hello my friend. I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating and watching the Masters!


Anonymous said...

I knew it was your birthday yesterday and was going to send you a wish...but someone told me it was the 18th...tg. I knew better:( I hope you had a wonderful day! Love you!