April 10, 2008

I'll call him Lightning

Please enjoy this song while you read. I've been singing it all night. It was playing in my head while I was running tonight.

That's right, running. I'm still doing it. I'm not kidding when I say that it was the movie Run, Fatboy, Run that made me start. I think about it EVERY time I run now. I, also, still HATE every minute of it. I get better every time, but I still hate it.

Anyways.....I wanted to introduce you all to my new bestest friend. My new computer is installed and purring like a kitten. The internet issues are solved (mostly). This new beauty runs lighting fast compared to Old Bessie. I can finally use Photoshop CS3 (hurray!). My pictures load quick as a wink. And posting has become a joy again.

My darling, amazing (and still single, ladies) brother built this baby from scratch. He also put my old hard drive in my new computer so I didn't have to reload on all my music or pictures. The dear boy. I do love him.

I'm so thankful for it. And the best part, it was about $50 UNDER my budget for a new computer. Nothing better than a good deal!

Here's to many happy posts and picture manipulations. Cheers!


jessica said...

i promise i'll write tomorrow to catch you up :)

running. wow! i've been trying to get back into it as well. when you said you hate every minute of it... i was like, YES! that is exactly how i feel. i love nd hate every minute of it. i'm hoping that it will become more love and less hate though.

yay for new computers and handy brothers.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the song...it will be in my noggin all day as well. its a good one! love you apey!

Anonymous said...

that last comment was from me...ab:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug, but I'm not sure if telling everyone that I'm a computer nerd is the best way to impress the ladies. I'm glad to hear that your new 'puter is the hotness.