April 11, 2008

Friday finds

The oh, so handsome "Lee Adama" had a great interview online this week. I do just love him. And hearing him talk in his British accent would make any girl swoon. Can't wait to see what happens with his character this last season of Battlestar.

How cool to hear about little ones from China accepting Jesus for the first time. This is why Shaohannah's Hope is so near and dear to my heart (not that this was a Shaohannah's family, but it's such a great reminder why that ministry is so very important.)

I'm saving my pennies and dimes for the day when this becomes a reality. To meet PW face to face?!! It's almost as good as meeting my TV boyfriend. I'd have to overcome my intense fear of horses though....

New, free Photoshop Actions from the most generous blogger around: Pioneer Woman. And they are unbelievable. I can't explain the joy I get through this little blog.

Silhouette project from Danielle Thompson. I've always wanted to do silhouettes. LOVE them. Always have.

Friday Night Lights season 2 comes out on DVD April 22nd. Sweet...

Elsie has so many fun prints up in her Etsy shop right now, especially for a Peter Pan lover like me.

I can't choose which of these fun items I love most. Yet another cool Etsy shop.

Battlestar is on tonight. yipppeeee....

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Gina said...

Looks just like "our" Lodge.