April 07, 2008

Freakin' cool

I am not one that usually enjoys tattoos. No, thank you. But this one, well, I can't help myself. I love it.
Reason number #137 that Starbuck is freakin' cool....her awesome tattoo that mirrors her Cylon hubby's.

Yes, this is another Battlestar post.
Yes, these are the clothes they wear (see, it isn't a weird costume sci fi show).
Yes, I think Jamie Bamber is h-o-t hot (plus he has a British accent in real life).
Yes, I love Starbuck and Lee together.
Yes, Friday night's episode was A-mazing.
Yes, I thought about seeing Admiral Adama in real life about 15 times while I watched it.
Yes, I am OCD with TV shows.

No, I will not stop talking about it.

Cottage girl over and out.

picture from TV Addict

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Gina said...

Come back FNL. Please Oh please.