April 09, 2008

blog command center

This is Cottage Girl central.

My walls were growing mold, so I had to move my bookshelf to it's current location.

My walls grow mold often because they are cinder blocks. No insulation, lots of moisture.

I have oodles sunlight in the morning and evening.

That little circle on the ceiling is 12 inches of heat vent heaven. I've only had it for 4 years.

Before that there was no heat in here other than what blew out of the large vent in the living room.

I like books. I have too many. I still have a large collection at my parents. Sorry, Mom and Dad.

I have no storage at my house, hence the random objects sitting around the room like sleeping bags.

I like pictures.

I have a fan because my room has no air conditioning other than what blows out of the window unit in the living room. It gets hot in the summer.

My desk chair creaks really loudly.

This is my life. Glamorous isn't it?!!

1 comment:

jessica said...

this is so FUN being able to peek into someone else's world. it's like when people post pictures of the contents of their fridges on flickr. i'm fascinated.

hope you're doing well dear friend.

i have much to share soon... please be in prayer Friday morning at 9am. i have a big job interview :)