April 18, 2008

Friday finds

Hulu. It's not a new find, but one that I LOVED this week.

A sweet, new feature on my favorite photographers' blog. Sneak-o-peak Vision.

I really enjoyed Cloverfield. They weren't kidding when they put a warning on the theater screenings. The camera work is intense/bumpy/jerky! But totally worth it cause of the context. Fun story.

Just look how cute my nephew is.

Looks like the concert I had dreamed about went really well. It got a front page news byline on Yahoo.

My dear sweet sister/bro-in-law and parents got me Netflix for a year. I've had fun rating movies and seeing what they recommend for me to watch. Currently, I'm into documentaries. I've got My Kid Could Paint That, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, King Corn, OT: Our Town and Born in the Brothels in my queue. Mmmm, can't wait!

Tara has a new blog.

Make your own pinhole camera with these fun downloads. Found on my Photojojo newletter.

Flickr beauties this week: 1 (LOVE the angel), 2, 3, 4.

A jolly weekend to you all. I'm watching Battlestar, saying goodbye to the worship pastor at my church who is moving away, going to a baby dedication, hanging out with an old friend, working in my flower garden, finishing my thankyou notes and soaking up some sunshine and warm weather.

Later, gators...

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