April 14, 2008

Hulu, I love you


moving furniture from an entire wing of one of camp's buildings to another

and going to a goodbye party for good friends,

I'm sitting at my desk making thank you cards for my sweet friends who showered me with love on my birthday.

And I'm loving every minute of Hulu and it's free, free, wonderfully free episodes of 30 Rock season 2 (I swear this show gets funnier every week). It's like having a DVR, but not paying the monthly fee or having to remember to set it correctly. Actually, it's exactly that.

Remember the days of cursing the VCR because it chose to tape 20/20 instead of Life Goes On, which just had to be on while you were at church each Sunday evening. The crying (not really) and wailing (sometimes) because Tyler (Mr. high school hotness) was supposed to kiss Becca on tonights episode (entitled something like The Bicycle Thief) and all you got was a story about how seeing eye pigs were the new wave of the future. Darn you, Barbara Walters.....wait, was that only the LGO obsessed duo (aka my sister and I)?

forget what you just read....I, uh, of course, I didn't do anything that ridiculous....no, not me....

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