September 05, 2008

Friday finds: the return

Kinda photo heavy this week. Guess that's where my mind has been.....

More photo goodness. Just check these out.

This girl's photos are unbelievable. You won't believe how old she is. My favorites are this, this, this, this and this. I found out about her from the Red Velvet Art blog (love, love!).

Go here. Scroll down. See that photo with the ice cream truck? I want to dive into it. I want to drink all the colors in it. It's been stuck in my brain for days now. Another reason I NEED those actions (these photos were processed with them).

These tutorials from the amazing Boutwell's (who created the actions I have been dying for) are incredible! Layer masks are slowly, slowly starting to make sense. And, no, I still haven't bought those actions yet....Did I mention I was indecisive?

I've watched this clip from 30 Rock way too many times this week. The music that plays while she is running...and Conan's "let's not do this Elizabeth"......and "Chewbacca, can I talk to Tracey?" It's so hilariously perfect!

SCC's on TV again next week.

And finally....
I cried when I read this story. Read this. The go here (scroll to the bottom and read up). I've been praying for them lots since I read this. I can't even imagine..... And their testimony is incredible!

I'm off to "batten down the hatches" for Hanna's arrival. The forecast says we could get 10 inches of rain or a couple drops. I'm preparing for the worst. And my new cottage roof is ready for whatever Hanna decides to throw at us.
Not excited about working in the rain though....

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