September 16, 2008

in the archived albums

I was hunting through old albums this evening. I came across this picture. I was 17. The summer before my senior year of high school. Which means my sister would have been going into 9th grade and The Bro would have been headed to 6th grade.

We were on vacation in FL, visiting my grandmother, I'm guessing. She lives not far from Cape Canveral, and that's where this picture appears to be. I'm thinking my grandma actually took this shot because my mom is the "family photographer" and she's in this picture.

Just a shot. Just a moment in time. Just a quick snap of the past. But one little part is my favorite. Look at my dad and my sister and me.

Here's a close-up in case it's hard to see.

That image conveys much more than I could ever articulate in descriptive words. The relationship that we had and still have. The love that is expressed without words. Simple moments that make up a lifetime.

Grab that old photo album and look through it. But make sure you look for those hidden moments that were captured so long ago. Ignore the bad hair and weird clothes (like I did ours in this photo) and look for emotions.
And then don't forget to capture them today as well. The everyday. The mundane. The simple, even non-important.

Just another reason I love photography...

****listening to this song by Coldplay (my favorite part starts at 2:22)


The Littlest Birdie said...

you, katie, and your dad have the same stride in your walk and tim looks in step with your mom.

Diana said...

Great picture and April, I love the black socks!!!!