September 03, 2008

Here goes.....


Like I told her, it was impossible to take a bad picture of her that day. She was GLOWING.

Bigger is better

There are more. Trust me. I AM going to save a bunch for them to see first, so patience, patience, patience. Plus, I'm a perfectionist and I can't make up my mind what processing I like best.

ps...thanks for all the sweet comments! Man, oh man, I needed those! You guys are the best.


RaCeQu said...

ohhhhh!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!

Everything is beautiful as expected (bride, groom, maids, flowers... PICTURES!). Beautiful job!!! Good luck with the rest!

Gina said...

Beautiful. Can't wait to see more. You are great.

tp said...

eeeeeeeeeeeee! that was the most fun i've had all week. can't wait to see the rest!

Katie's Story said...

Those are so beautiful! I was even more amazed when I clicked on the picture and saw it up close. You did such a great job! Oh, and B looked absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful April!!! Oh, I can't wait to see what else you have. Can I book for for Maiella's wedding?....Seriously.