September 19, 2008

Friday Finds

I think I hit the gold mine this week. There were so many GOOD ones.

The Snail and the Cyclops
. Found her on Flickr. And she has an Etsy shop. Oh, those clothes!

decor8 (one of my favorite design blogs) was FULL of great things this week. I just loved these Marie Antoinette dolls. Creepy and cool at the same time.

I got to see some Etsy artists in person when I went to a festival last Saturday. Their work was so beautiful and inspiring. Block Party Press. tigerlillyshop (loved her things!). dandelionblu (so beautiful.) TheBrokenPlate (wanted to buy her stuff so badly, but I hardly ever actually wear jewelery. my friend (hi, Mel!) bought one of these rings in a fun pattern and it was so pretty.)

Seth Cohen was the most visited person on my website list this week. Welcome back, WB!

A couple Flickr gems. One, Two, Three (ooo, I love this one) Plus, the wonderful Wardrobe Remix Pool is always inspiring. And 100% Thrifted makes me never want to buy "new" clothes again. Wish we had better thrift stores around here...

I saved the best ones for last:

The Bro shared this one on his blog. As some said online...there are no words.

Then he showed me this one later in the week. Again, beyond words.

Okay, friends, I'm off on vacation next week. I'll do my best to post when I can. I'll miss you!

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RaCeQu said...

Um... that "Sonseed" video??? Almost as good as the pageant girl playing the STar Wars theme.