September 24, 2008

The salty air is addicting

Just popping in to say hi. It's lovely here. A little cool to get in the water and windy today, but I'm not complaining. We can still walk on the beach and soak in the salty air. And no air conditioning in the evenings, only cool, salty breezes!
On the agenda to do while still here:

The lazy river at the camp pool (yes, a lazy river!)
Go IN the ocean once it warms up a little bit and ride the waves.
Do a little shopping at the little local shops
Eat out at a seafood restaurant (the parentals idea)
Ride my bike (actually my sisters old 10 speed which is pink and grey. Cool, huh?!)
Take a few naps (Mmmm)
Eat sweet snacks
Have hot dogs for dinner tonight
Watch more of Chuck Season 1 (got my parents to love it too)
Do nothing.

Now that sounds like a list I want to check off. How about you?!!

Thanks for all the comments. It's fun to hear from you!

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