September 11, 2008

Friday finds

Pop Candy (the witty Whitney Matheson) was doing a "High School Survival Kit" this week. Movies, TV shows, books. I loved reading through the lists. The comments from readers were fun too.

I want to move into this house. I think I could write a novel here. It's just seems brimming with magic. (extra pictures here)

Absolutely loving this book right now. So full of childhood wonder and magic. I tried it several years ago and couldn't quite get into it. This time I read on a little further and discovered why it's so beloved by my friends. A great book to read out loud to kids too.

Been re-enjoying the Mammoth Men blog this week. The pictures are so beautiful and crazy and the post-processing is gorgeous.

I finally bought the Marie Antoinette soundtrack this week and it IS lovely. I love how there are 2 CD's. One with the rocky/fun/fast songs and one with the chill/instrumental/lazy music. Perfect for any mood.

This is a fun little site full of cool finds. Love this post especially.

My Flickr faves were oh, so inspiring this week too. I love going back through them and remembering all the amazing colors and shots.

I'm off to enjoy a free weekend of friends and relaxation and CHURCH! I've missed church because of work and Iowa the last few weeks and I do mean MISSED. Last week, I was working, but our church has a live webcast so I got to watch a little bit of it. I'm always excited to meet God there every week and something feels missing when I'm not there. I need that re-charge each week!

Also, my 3 year blog-iverssary is coming in 2 short weeks. Are you ready for some fun cause I'm planning for some fun stuff!!! THREE years!

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