September 08, 2008

Hulu pick

Hulu pick for this week is:


Jack Bauer is my super hero.

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stephanie said...

just got caught up. love the wedding photos so far. i love how it was sorta casual! the shorter dresses...the i had thought of that for mine! it looks like you did an awesome job! i'm sure she'll be thrilled! loved the pictures of lukey and the comment about eating him. matt and i thought we were the only weird ones who wanted to "eat" our kids - usually in a hot dog bun :) apparently there are others with an oral fixation...did you such your thumb by any chance? i did- i think it all stems from that! my mom is here and i'm enjoying the company. i'm slowly adjusting to kindergarten- i may have had a harder time than jack. he is learning to adjust as well. this is a hard transition time my friend. and i've missed you! glad your back and i can't wait to get back to writing you!