September 07, 2008

It helps

New wedding photos tomorrow. In the AM, no less.

I've been cranking them out this afternoon/evening. Yesterday, too, in fact.

And I've found my secret weapon. I can take all the ridicule that will come with this confession. Yes, I can. Because, you see, I've been addicted to cheesy television all my life. The list is long and way too embarrassing to admit too. Let's just say that David Hasselhoff was involved....more than once. This is just the newest (I never watched it when it was on. Just starting with season 1 now.) shame inducing addition to the list.

What can I say? Cheesy television helps me edit. A pop up screen next to my Photoshop window is the golden ticket. You'll see the results tomorrow.

ps.....Are any of you interested in seeing a before (not edited) and after (after editing)? I thought about posting one, but didn't know if that was something that people that don't care about photography want to see? Let me know.

pss....I can hear you judging me through the screen. Don't think I can't....


Gina said...

YES! Totally want to see before and after. Did you buy the photo editing thingys you wanted?

RaCeQu said...

me too... I want to see!!!

Katie's Story said...

I want to see both too!