September 17, 2008

OCD list

Since I have already confessed my slight case of OCD, I feel this is a safe environment to admit my recent cases of obsession. Remember....these things change on a whim with no logical explanation. So, while I can't get enough of it today, next week may be a whole other story.

FYI: this is why I can't make snap decisions or purchases. I must over-analyze every option until it's beaten to death. And I'm talking ANY purchase. Mascara, a new brand of laundry detergent, shoes. I have a real problem with indecisiveness. A REAL problem. Just ask The Bro. My obsessive nature is in full force when making a decision.

At this moment, I, Cottage Girl, can not get enough of....

Seth Cohen (help, me I can't stop. I now understand why TV gal had a Seth Cohen quote of the week on her column a couple years ago. He. is. adorable.)

Gum (as of late, I have to chew at least one piece a day. My favorite is Trident White peppermint flavor)

Re-arranging my wardrobe to make new outfits (plus my new pair of $12 jeans from Forever 21 that fit perfectly...must go buy more pairs. Finding jeans that fit is like catching lightning in a bottle for me)

The internet (blogs, Flickr, Pop Candy, Hulu, the WB)

Totally Rad Actions (I still haven't bought them, but I go to the site to stare at the price at least once or twice each evening. Again, indecisive is my middle name.)

Ripe tomatoes from the farmer's market

Now I'm sure you are all trying to piece together some type of common thread through all of these things. If you find one, please do tell me because I sure can't.

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