September 14, 2008

the most watched

What would be your answer to this question....

What movie did you and your siblings watch the most when you were growing up? One that you could ALL agree on.

Now, we had lots of movies that we loved to watch. But finding one that we all agreed on was a little harder.

This one was always a hit. Always. In fact we wore out our VHS-taped copy of it. It was taped off the Disney channel. Anyone else remember the Disney channel in the old days?

This little movie is still the most quoted by our entire family. It went on every family vacation. It's gem of a movie, let me tell you. Unfortunately it isn't available on DVD and you can only find copies of it on VHS on ebay. What a tragedy to all kids growing up today!

I can pretty much bet you that it will be quoted when I go on vacation next week with my parents. It's just that ingrained in our psyche.'s the same characters as A Christmas Story. It was written and narrated by the same man.


Audrey said...

Sound of Music! My sister and I loved to spend the day watching it until we found Ann of Green Gables and Ann of Avonlea then we would spend the day watching all 9 hours! :)

Gina said...

Yeah, my family isn't quite the type for that...BUUUT, my sister, mom and I loved The Color Purple and Terms of Endearment. Not exactly feel good movies but tear jerkers for sure.
BTW. Pretty sure I would LOVE this movie since I LOOOOOVE a Christmas Story. Thanks for asking these fun questions

Katie's Story said...

That seriously is the best movie. I haven't seen it in years, but could still quote it! HA! Oh, the memories!!!