September 20, 2008

The ocean is calling my name....

As much as I love being home (and I am quite the hermit at times), there is nothing better in the world than vacations. Sweet, sweet vacations. Relaxing, exploring, swimming, walking, riding. Oh, how it warms my very soul and recharges me.

So I say farewell and promise to keep in touch. But when the ocean calls my name, it's hard to think of anything else. Please accept my apologies if you don't hear from me for a few days. I WILL try to send quick posts from my phone.

Here are a few photos just because I was looking at them the other day and remembering how grand and glorious the ocean truly is.

fyi....I'll be at a beach where the sun rises over the water and not sets, so these are NOT pictures of where I will be. Just pictures of beaches I LOVE. And I did NOT play with these in Photoshop at all. They are pure "push of the button" beauty.

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