September 05, 2008

true stories from today

Cottage Girl and a co-worker were walking towards her crepe myrtle so that he could show her what branches needed to be pruned. Suddenly, said co-worker jumps 5 ft in the air and screams un-recognizable words. Then she sees the source of his fright. A snake. Yes, the dreaded fear of her life. A snake. In her yard. Slithering away from her to hide under her car!! Blech~

Cottage Girl and The Bro ride their bikes to the beach to check on the boats. Boats must be tied down tight and plugs must be removed so they don't sink in Hanna's wake. They ride their bikes down the pier, just because it's fun to look over the side and see the water. And because it's brown wooden planks are now white from all of the bird poo. White, white, white.
They jump off their bikes and begin removing the boat covers to complete their tasks. Suddenly a loud noise occurs and Cottage Girl turns just in time to see The Bro's bike's handle bars sink beneath the river. "My bike!!!" he screams much like Pee Wee (classic Tim Burton flick). Cottage Girl can't stop laughing. The Bro must get a boat hook off the sail boat to fish his bike out of the river (ha!). Bike rescue is made and all is well.

The end...


Gina said...

Not nice of you to laugh at the poor little bro. he might shoot you.

Katie's Story said...

Thanks! That made me laugh out loud! I can just hear him yelling, "My bike". Too funny!