November 06, 2008

Adventures with Cottage Girl

Okay, so maybe this isn't so much an adventure as a "here's what I did for an hour tonight." I had grand ideas today of taking photos when I got off work. I missed taking photos. I missed having a million pictures to edit and play with. I missed it.

Then 5:00 rolled around and it was DARK*DARK*DARK. Did I mention that I hate this whole getting dark early thing? Because I do. I really, really do.

But I decided to use the dark as a challenge. I grabbed my little Z740. I put it in manual and set it up on various surfaces to keep it still during the long shutter time. Here's the results. No flash. ISO 400. 2.8 I was impressed.

This reminds me of the kid that gets stuck in the pit and the black oil gets him. You know, from the first X Files movie. I like sci fi. It's so much more interesting than any romantic comedy. Speaking of sci fi, I'm currently reading Y: The Last Man Vol. #3 and The Hunger Games (after a long wait on the library hold list). Reading is fun.

Notice the yellow arrow. Notice what it is pointing too. Isn't that nice to see after I spent 100's of $$ fixing my car recently. The annoying this is that it's nothing really wrong (I think). It comes on and off all the time. But right now it won't go off. And I need it to. Because I have to go get the lovely emissions test done on it. It won't pass if the "check engine" light is on. Therefore, I hate the check engine light.
Also note that it is 5:30 pm and DARK. And my car has a LOT of miles on it. But it still gets me around. Thankfully, I don't drive to work (or anywhere far away) very often. It works just fine for trips to the library or the grocery store.

Haven't you always wanted to sneak your camera into the library. I don't know if it's *legal* to use your camera, but I can't see why it would be bad. Unless you are using the flash like crazy and making lots of noise. I'm sure that's not proper library etiquette. It's like having your cell phone ring in there. Our librarians will hunt you down, no kidding, and ask you politely to "get out with all that racket."

I love the quietness of the library. I love the big isles with tall shelves full of books. Our libary doesn't actually have very tall shelves, but I like the ones that do. This one is tiny, teeny-tiny. But it does a good enough job. I like getting lost in the biography section. I couldn't even step into that isle tonight 'cause I was in a some-what hurry. That's not an easy feat for me. Library=hurry isn't really in my vocabulary.

When searching for a proper book on knitting or crocheting, you can't just pick one off the shelf. You have to look inside the covers for proper pictures and diagrams. You have to look for colors and patterns. Then you pick out about 6 good ones.....

.... pick up your book that is *on hold* and skip to the counter with your arms full of free books for 3 weeks. I figure that it's one area that I spend my tax dollars wisely. I won't argue with tax dollars for libraries. Why couldn't that have been on the election ticket? More $$ for libraries. I'm okay with that. Better than national health care.

But I don't want to dwell on the election. I'm glad its all over. No matter how one feels about the outcome, thank goodness it's over.
Instead of the election, let's think about the Fall leaves. They are pretty, even in the street lights. They kinda glow.

And then there are some trees like this little guy on the left that have nothing left. Don't you almost feel bad for him next to the brilliant yelllow one? He looks like he's leaning toward to yellow coat with a sigh. Hhhhh, wish I could have pretty leaves like you do. I feel so naked, he says. I like to think that trees have feelings sometimes. I even wrote a story about it when I was in high school. Over-active imagination, that's me.

The end.

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Diana said...

the blasted "check engine" light. Jon has the same problem. We have to get emissions every year here. I'll ask him what he did the last time. Not that it's illegal activity, but he got a temp. fix. Love your pictures!