November 03, 2008

concert re-cap

I've been trying to think of proper words that describe my experience at the concert the other night. Truthfully, it's taken me a few days to process my thoughts and try to clearly verbalize what my heart was saying. This my best attempt.....

It was very different from any other SCC concert I've ever been too (and I've been to....aghum...quite a few). It was, of course, different because he was co-touring with MWS. I've seen both in concert by themselves before, but together was really fun. They sang together quite a few times. They sang each others "big hits." They laughed and joked and seemed to genuinely enjoy being on stage together (but then again,why would you tour with someone you didn't really enjoy being with?).


I have to say that I didn't leave this concert as I do from most of his. Loving life and seeing God in every good and perfect moment. I didn't smile through the whole concert. Part of that could have been from the terrible migraine that had been building since the drive to the venue. Nice. No, that wasn't the reason at all.

The moment SCC walked on stage, I started tearing up and pretty much stayed that way the entire time he was there. This dear, sweet man who has lived a horrible 5 months in grief and sorrow. His family that still suffers and grieves. I simply couldn't get those thoughts out of my head. And HOW IN THE WORLD did he get up on stage and perform? I think I would still be hermited away at home crying.
He didn't hide from his pain. He openly shared it with the whole audience and actually made it a part of his performance. He cried/choked up a couple times right in front of us as if to say, "see, I'm just like you. Life hurts sometimes." He sang songs that I seriously don't know if I could believe again after having gone through such an unbelievable tragedy. Song like God is God, which is one of my favorites of his. (side note: He wrote this a few YEARS ago before he even adopted Maria). And he still sings Cinderella and My Redeemer is Faithful and True. The words in these songs take on a whole new meaning, he said. They have deeper meaning now, after this tragedy than they ever have before. They are also just as true as they were before. The God of these songs is the same God.

As I sat in the audience, wiping the tears that kept streaming down my cheeks, I was blown away by how God's love is so far beyond what we will ever understand. His plans for us are beyond our comprehension. The picture He is painting of our lives is so much more detailed than we will ever be able to see. And when moments that try our faith in His goodness arise, we can choose to continue to follow Him or we can choose to turn our backs. I've had friends who have chosen the latter, and it's heart breaking to watch. But to see someone cling even tighter to their faith and their belief that God LOVES us, truly loves us even in the midst of the darkest moments we could ever imagine, well it's inspiring is what it is.

I don't think the Chapman's are perfect. I don't think they walk on water. I do believe that they
believe with all their hearts what they say. I believe that the words that SCC sings aren't just words to him. They are the core of his being. How could he sing "it's all Yours God" and then say "even our children" and get choked up in front of 1,000's of people if you don't truly believe God is perfect and holy and loves us?

To try and put in a one quick sentence, I have told people who have asked that is was "sad and amazing." Sad, but not hopeless. Amazing and FULL of hope. Joy is on the horizon. Heaven is more real and dear. God's name was lifted high and praised. And I think everyone left that auditorium a little more amazed at how God loves us. I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

A few quick facts...

SCC's son, Caleb, was in the band touring with his dad again.
MWS's son, Tyler, was in the band too.
They were 2 very proud papas that introduced their sons!

His explaination of how he sang Cinderella for the first time after Maria's God was in that moment in a big way.

Hearing him sing the new verse of Yours, which is on the radio now, oh my goodness. There wasn't a dry eye in the whole place. Here are the words...

I’ve walked the valley of death’s shadow
So deep and dark that I could barely breathe
I’ve had to let go of more than I could bear
And questioned everything that I believe
But still even here
in this great darkness
A comfort and hope come breaking through
As I can say in life or death
God we belong to you.

I went by to the concert by myself and loved it!

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Diana said...

That's awesome April. Thanks for sharing and for sharing your heart.