November 02, 2008

Compassion everywhere

I opened up Pioneer Woman today to see this post. Can I just say that I was giddy with excitement for the week to come on her blog?!

I think you all know that I love Compassion. I've had a link to it on my blog since I started it 3 years ago. (Today, I added a fun widget to make it a little more visible) I've been supporting a little girl through Compassion for 6 years this month. (wow, it's been that long?!) Later this week, I'll introduce you all to Teresia. I'm quite smitten with how adorable she is.

I also visited Compassion's headquarters when I visited CO a few years ago with a group of friends. Evidence ....

Two of my friends worked there for a time and had nothing but amazing things to say about it.

Then at THE concert the other night (more details to come, I promise.).....
MWS is a HUGE advocate for Compassion. His story is actually the first time I heard about Compassion way back when I was in high school. At the concert, he was talking about Compassion (and SCC about Shaohannah's Hope, again more on that later) and how the little girl he supported asked him to come and be a surrogate father and hand her her high school diploma since she doesn't have any parents of her own. Also, her grandmother and aunts and uncles and cousins have come to know Jesus because of HER being sponsored. "Compassion changes not just a child, but families," he said. I, of course, was teary eyed and thinking of my little girl in Indonesia. I pray that her family gets to hear of Jesus' love through her.

Then SCC said that one of the reasons that his family even adopted was because his oldest daughter, Emily, went on a Compassion trip to Hati back when she was about 11 years old. She came back "changed" and from then on begged her parents to adopt and they eventually did (3 times!) several years later.

So, all this has been rolling around in my head the last few days. That and I just got a letter from Teresia last week. Yes, you get letter from your sponsored child. And it's one of the coolest things in the world. I LOVE those letters!

I'm excited that Compassion will be accessible to the 1,000's of people who read PW. Maybe many, many children will come to know Jesus because of it. I'll be reading this week. I hope you will too!

***I added a convienent link on the right at the top of the sidebar for the Compassion Bloggers Trip.

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