November 14, 2008

Friday Finds

I LOVED the Simplifying + Organizing for the Holidays post on Ali's blog this week. Great ideas for making the holidays more enjoyable. Although, I'm not a scrapbooker like she is, I get so many ideas for other things from her. Plus, I think her work/style is just beautiful.

Found some crafty blogs this week that are FULL of great ideas and inspiration....
Creature Comforts and doe-c-doe

Fabric covered knobs are such a sweet idea.

The PaperJournal07 group on Flickr is addicting. All those amazing drawings.

In celebration of National Adoption Day tomorrow, read this article on about a lady who has adopted 18 kids!

Did you see ER last night? Dr. Green was back and oh, so welcome. I remember sitting on my parents living room floor watching ER with the house all dark and quiet all those years ago (15!).

That's it for this week. Hope your weekend isn't as foggy/rainy/cold as mine is going to be.

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Diana said...

hey, loved simplifying and organizing you life for the holidays. Thanks for sharing. I've been thinking alot about some of them.