November 22, 2008

early winter snow (friday)

After a day of snow showers, God painted this sunset.

I was supposed to be picking up my car from the shop, but I couldn't resist getting this shot. I was laying on the wet grass clicking away. Kinda think it was worth it.


The Littlest Birdie said...

i love it!! i wish i lived there.

Katie's Story said...

Oooo! Snow! We've only had flurries here so far. Hopefully you can get some more snow pictures when you come up here.
Oh, and how's your car? Ready to drop kick it yet?
Enjoy your turkey, lasagna, sweet potato's, green bean casserole, and everything else today. Can you tell I'm drooling?

cottage girl said...

The snow didn't stick, but it sure was pretty coming down. Dinner was de-licious.

Katie's Story said...

I heard about the potato salad. I'm SO jealous! I wish you could mail me some!