November 07, 2008

Friday Finds

I have been glued to Compassion's Dominican Blog all week. The stories will break your heart and encourage you at the same time. It solidified my love for Compassion, too, and the work they do. A few of my favorite posts were: A Tale of Two Houses, God's Hidden Gifts, Ordinary Superheroes. If you still are considering sponsoring a child, you can start here.

A couple other things, but mostly it was the Dominican blog all week....

Tara Whitney and Emily Falconbridge, two of my favorite bloggers/artists, got back from their trip to Thailand this week. Tara posted some beautiful (as always) pictures here and here.

Oh, 30 Rock. How you entertain me. I think I need to watch last night's episode about 10 more times to get all of the wonderful funniness that was crammed into it. My favorite part was "Will you please welcome, LIZ LEMMMOOONN!"

Mammoth Men trip number 3 begins in just a few days. The craziness it will contain can only be imagined.

The Dollhouse trailer is here. Oooo, I can't wait till January.

A truly beautiful house full of so much color and uniqueness.

This pretty photo from Elsie.

Dr. Green is back next week on ER. Now, he did die, as I recall, but as much as I love him I will take him any form the writers wish. Flashback, ghost, another life. I'm already mourning the loss of ER at the end of this, its last season.

And finally.....
Wish I was here today.

Happy Friday, everyone. We are finally enjoying a day of sunshine! The first in about a week. It's like the world is alive again!

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