November 26, 2008

deep thoughts with cottage girl

****First of all, there are free Christmas songs on Oprah's website for the next 48 hours. Good ones! Gecha some!

On to other deep (read: random) thoughts...

Do you ever wonder what our lives would be like without an imagination?

I think about that often and especially lately. In the last week, I watched 2 movies (Harry Potter #5 and LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring) that always remind me of the beauty that is our imagination. How different would life be if we were only to experience what we could see and touch in this life at this moment? Nothing would be other than it is. No dreams at night. No thoughts of what may be in the future. No ideas of how your life would be different, if you made a different choice.

No Harry Potter, Anne Shirley, Admiral Adama, Frodo, Seth Cohen, Chuck Bartowski, Eric Taylor, Edward Cullen, Spike, Stargirl, Peter Pan, Ron Weasley, Luke Skywalker, Elizabeth Bennet, Jo March, Tom Sawyer.

No Middle Earth, Hogwarts, Avonlea, Narnia, Smallville, Sunnydale, Willy Wonka Factory, Neverland, that old house that I dream about often with a big attic and beautiful garden.

Would we even have the internet or telephones or fabulous recipies? Would we enjoy colors or textures or light?

When God created us in His image (Gen 1:27), He bestowed upon us one of His most grand attributes. The ability to create. We are able to paint and photograph and tell stories. Our creations are extensions of who we are and point back to THE Creator.

True, as the stories say, we can use this gift for good and for evil. Man, in his human, imperfect state, has ruined this wonder many times. He has abused it and degraded it and used it for personal gain. He has pointed to himself as the inventor.

But I like to think about it in a more magical way. I've always had an overactive imagination. I liked to play pretend (still do)more than anything else. I've always loved to read stories and imagine new worlds and characters. I've always loved TV and movies and the worlds they introduce me to. There is just something about the imagination that points me to God, my creator. His wisdom to grant us such an invaluable gift that, should it never exist, our lives would be much less full.

Movies/books, like Harry Potter and LOTR, let me escape my reality into a fantastical world that is full and colorful and different. I can't imagine a life without my imagination.


This is me and my sis reading a book in my parent's living room. I just noticed that it must have been after Christmas because of the decorations on the door and window. Plus, there is a pile of toys and random objects at our feet. And look at our little slippered feet. I wonder if my mom happened upon us reading together and ran to get her camera. This was either the year before my brother was born or just a week after his birth.

That little blond-headed peanut in the picture is due to have her second baby any day now. Good gracious time does fly. Makes me thankful for another thing God gave us. Memories.

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