November 24, 2008

string the popcorn and hang the mistletoe

Since I celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday with my family (or the half of them that aren't pregnant and far away...), I decided it was okay to pull out the Christmas music. It's been HARD to wait until now, but I didn't want to be sick of it 2 weeks before Christmas was even here.

Now, I want to pull out the Christmas decorations and get the tree and wrap presents (I LOVE wrapping presents!). However, I will wait and be patient to decorate until my roommate is home from her trip to see her family. Hurry home, S! Our tree is waiting to be bought!

While I wait, I'll soak up all the delightful tunes I can and ponder some amazing gifts for those I love.

Here are my favorite Christmas albums at the moment....

a classic that makes me want to sit by a fireplace (i don't have) and drink hot cocoa.

Do I need to tell you why I like this one? My favorite song...All I Really Want for Christmas. Sure to bring tears to your eyes.

My parents and I are taking my brother to see them next month for his birthday. He's been wanting to go for years. I can't wait! Carol of the Bells is my fave.

Oh, Josh. Even though we were divided forever by that tragic concert experience, I do love hearing you sing Christmas songs.

My favorite, favorite, favorite. It stays on repeat for hours and hours each year. When I was at Sea World last year, they had a Polar Express ride and they played the soundtrack while we were in line. I annoyed my whole family by singing along to every song. I can't get enough of this album!

Ok, now I want to hear your favorite albums. I'm in the market to get a couple new ones this year and I need some suggestions. (fyi: I will NOT be buying the classic Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas though. Blech...)


Anonymous said...

April please feel free to decorate to your hearts content before I come home. Don't feel you have to wait on my account. Miss you and see you in a week.

Diana said...

Bebo Norman's christmas. Good one!!!