November 17, 2008

around the room

I wanted to take pictures, but it's dark, dark, dark outside. So that means you are stuck with these. And I don't feel like messing with them in Photoshop, so they are SOOC (straight out of the camera). Because I'm lazy. But also because I want to post a picture and not just leave you with my rambling words.

I have don't have much of an explanation of these shots. They are all taken with my little Kodak Easyshare in manual mode. Not too shabby. Other than that, it was me looking around my room saying..."what should I shoot tonight?"

How about my green sweater. I like this sweater. I'm also teaching myself the cable knit stitch that is visible in this photo (fyi: I still haven't quite gotten it right. It's tough!). No, I didn't make this sweater. I bought it at Old Navy on clearance for about $8. It's warm and a pretty shade of green. I love cardigans. I love this t-shirt too. It's old and thin and from the thrift store. But it's super soft in its old-ness.

Then we have my messy bedside shelf. Lamp from Ikea. Picture of my fam from my sister's wedding. Books and photos. Please ignore the trash can in the corner. And the basket full of random beauty supplies next to it.
Why am I showing you this picture?

Now this is silly, but has great meaning. Work is underway and just about completed on the additional heat in my room. Most nights, like last night when I was hidden away watching way too many episodes of The OC (help me. i can't stop. it's so addicting!), I am wrapped up like a burrito in blankets with gloves and slippers cause it's so freakin' cold (remember Di and G?!!). I sit at my desk and shiver.
But soon and maybe even tonight, I will have a nice warm room. Perfect timing too cause the temperature is going below freezing the next few nights. Blech. I love warmth. I hate cold. The end.


stephanie said...

great job on learning the cable stitch! i've never attempted it...but it looks confusing with the extra cable needle in there. you must share photos of the process...finished product :)

Diana said...

what are they doing with the heat? Oh, how I so remember. We actually have a very cold bedroom right now, but nothing like the cottage. You just can't wait to get to that warm shower in the morning, right? We currently have the washer and dryer in our master bathroom. It's freezing in there in the mornings also, so I put my towel in the dryer to warm it so when I get out of the shower it's like being at a spa! Nice warm towel. Love it.

cottage girl said...

It's tough! I'm still in the very beginning stages.

Di, they are fixing the circuit breaker so that I can put a portable heater in my room. I bought one last year but it blew the circuit the first time I tried it. That little heater for $10 at WalMart is my best friend right now!
Oh, and we can run 2 hairdryers in our house at the same time now! It's a miracle!